Era chair: timeless design innovation

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When German craftsman and cabinetmaker Michael Thonet designed the Era chair in 1859, he unknowingly initiated the modern furniture movement. The bending solid wood, known as the bentwood process, became one of the most impactful innovations in the design industry and initiated the serial furniture design process.

Considered an icon, the Era is one of the most reproduced furniture pieces in the world. Also known as the bistro chair, it has been used for over 150 years to furnish the interiors of cafes and restaurants all over Europe and the United States. This pioneered masterpiece was awarded a gold medal at the 1867 World Exposition in Paris for its unique design.

Thonet’s chair was also widely used by the French Modernist Architect Le Corbustier during the1920s. Besides prominent architects, Thonet’s chair was also well received by the likes of notable French painters. The famous portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, depicted the chair and Henri de Toulose Lautrec introduced it in his “At the Moulin Rouge” painting as well. Today the chair can be seen in countless mid-century modern style design projects. 

Bucket: the shape of freedom and stability

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Inspired by classic European sports car seats; American product designer Cory Grosser designed the Bucket armchair. Emphasizing strength and endurance, Grosser translates his passion for antique cars and their refined details into his design concept for the armchair.

Shaped as a cylindrical open shell, the armchair wraps completely around the body providing both a sense of stability and freedom at the same time. The Bucket armchair is highly versatile. It is the perfect seat for a cozy domestic reading corner, home office or living room, or for commercial spaces such as a hotel lounge, waiting room, or in a leisure-oriented space that is commonly seen in the interiors of Tech companies. 

The Bucket is made of polyurethane foam with a steel frame and upholstery available in a variety of colorful fabrics or leather. Thanks to its adaptable character, the Bucket can easily dress up any space.

Foxhole: inspired by everyday life

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Singaporean designer Nathan Yong is hailed as one of the most influential designers of his time. Twice a Red Dot Award winner, Yong has gained a solid reputation in the industry for his ability to create products that are an expression of effortless sensuality through the use of rigorous engineering research and development processes.


His furniture is developed using a “silent engineering” technique which allows the form to express itself based on technical consideration and graphic scheme. You can experience this precise and thoughtful process in each piece, from the Break chair, to the Flak tables, to the Vader lounge chair and the Foxhole armchair. 

Designed for outdoor as well as indoor environments, Foxhole is based on a geometrical powder-coated steel rod foundation that provides the armchair stability and strength. Its minimal and precise structure perfectly marries the grace and the softness of the shape. Foxhole reflects the desire and the intention of Nathan Yong to create furniture that is inspired by people’s behavior. His pieces are influenced by the way in which people interact with the place they live, work and socialize in. His work emanates from an understanding of how people and design work together in everyday situations. 

Eero: play with it

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Young and playful. Eero is a rocking egg-shaped seat designed by Filippo Dell'Orto, Italian interior and product designer.  Multifaceted and fanciful, it can be envisioned in any kind of space from a lobby of a boutique hotel to a living room of a private house, to a dining area of a restaurant. 

Eero's design is so fresh, comfortable and refined that it also embodies the well-established workplace decor philosophy and intention to embellish the office with furniture that can inspire creativity and ease. You can see it, for instance, inside of the lounge area of companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter or Airbnb, just to name a few. The chair perfectly reflects the current need of the industry to design more products that can be functional, communicative, easygoing, attractive and flexible at the same time.

A technical note: It is made of polyurethane foam. reinforced by a steel frame. Upholstered with fabric or leather, top stitching available upon request. fabric upholstery cannot be removed. 

Coco: light and solid chair

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Lightweight, comfortable and solid. Coco is a handcrafted chair designed by Japanese designers Brothers Tominaga. The chair combines the popular Japanese minimalism with the gracefulness and the functionality of Italian artisanship. Although the seating is very simple in its appearance, the detailing is meticulous and refined.

Owners of duecori, a product design and consulting company with offices in Tokyo and Udine, Italy,  Shuei and Shimpei Tominaga are well-known in the International design industry.  Coco is the first project that sees the two brothers working together in producing and manufacturing furniture.

The seating is made of oak or beech wood and it is available in four different colors, oak natural and beech lacquered red, black and white.


Plain: build your bookcase

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In 2016 Francesco Rota, interior and product designer based in Milan, received some of the most prestigious prizes in the design industry. Kanji table and ADD seating system, for instance, were awarded with The Red Dot Design 2016, and ADD earned also the special mention to the German Design award. Elle Decor Italia included Arco table, ADD T chair and Eydo chaise lounge in Best of Design competition 2016. 

Since 1998, when Rota opened his studio in the design capital of Italy, he has been working with many renowned companies like Versus, John Richmond, Mercedez Benz, L’Oreal Paris, Oluce, Lapalma (where he is also the Art Director) offering his creativity, skills and knowledge in a wide range of projects related to architecture, product design, branding, event and residential interiors to name a few. Well-known for his linear and rigorous design style, he enjoys to build modular systems that can be customized and adapt to any particular space, any particular need. Plain bookcase is a great example of this kind of flexibility.

The frame of the library is minimal and neat and it provides a number of possibilities to create a variety of compositions. Plain includes removable shelves of different seizes, lengths, thickness and finishes that come in a series of colors.  Formal black to grey to green, yellow and red, with this color palette available anyone can design a personal outlook just playing with the structure and the components of this refined and yet adjustable bookcase. 

Easy Wave: design your wall decor

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Since launching Fattorini +Rizzin + Partner design studio, today known as Metrica, Bruno Fattorini and Roberto Rizzin, Milan-based and Internationally renowned talents, have been producing a series of furniture like tables, sofa, systems for an array of companies such as Fendi, Poliform, Zanotta and MDF Italia to name few. The concept and the effort behind any product has always been the ability to blend creativity and technology innovation. As a result this successful and thoughtful philosophy brought to the market pieces that express beauty, lightness and functionality at the same time. 

Easy Wave shelves, named after the Wave wall system, is an expression of this practical sexiness and freedom. The research on the finishes, the surface treatments and the deep study on the anatomy and the structure of them, make it easy to anyone to adapt the product to a variety of environment. 

From the left: Roberto Rizzin, Bruno Fattorini. 

From the left: Roberto Rizzin, Bruno Fattorini. 

The shelves come in different sizes with variable depth.  You can purchase just one unit or more.  You can play with them creating an infinite number of compositions where you can display books, vintage accessories, family portrays, candle or anything else you want. Easy Wave can be a decor centerpiece of your living room or your bedroom. This furniture is so flexible and versatile that empowers you to design your personal wall decor. 

Selecta bookcase: express yourself

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It is one of the first product designed by Lema. Selecta bookcase is a refined freestanding and modular system produced and launched in 1978.  For almost thirty years, since its debut on the market, Officinadesign Lema has been working to improve it adding new elements that could fit any kind of space people have been living in. 

The library is a complete customizable system that can be placed in a studio or in a three bedrooms apartment or more. It is very accommodating and easy to expand with an infinite number of units. It could cover a whole wall or it could be used as an addition to the wardrobe, a media section or any furniture elements. 


With Selecta you can create a whole piece of art using different components, different colors and sizes. You can built it so tall, that any other home library can do. It has so many finishes that it opens up unlimited possibilities to design your unique and very personal piece of furniture. Selecta is a system that says "yes" to everything.


Rock table: a solid foundation

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It comes in a lot of sizes. Rock table designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for MDF Italia has a solid foundation with light and well refined head.

It combines an interesting mixture of natural and industrial material as it was thought by the designer to adapt to any kind of environment’ style. Rustic, contemporary, mid-century: all those looks can provide a new interpretation to the table.


When Jean-Marie Massaud designs a product he always thinks about all the possibilities that it can have and all the needs it can satisfied. Based on this philosophy, Rock Table could be seen in domestic, workplace and outdoor environments.

Armframe soft : surrender to peace

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It is the first thing one should do when he comes back home from a long day at work or from a long night out, or after an intense work meeting. Sit down on her, let her soft and reliable skin held the heaviness of the body, the thoughts. Surrender to her calmness and rely on her confidence.

This is what happens when one lays down to Armframe soft, the chair from Frame collection designed by Alberto Meda for Alias. Its comfortable cushions assembled straight onto the chair become a sort of secure ground where to land. 

Ten minutes are enough to start feeling a sense of peace running through the legs, the belly, the chest, the arms and the head. One simply has just to close the eyes and let go, leave everything behind. At the end of the day we don’t need much to reconnect to where we belong, to our home. We just need a place that can embrace and reflect who we are and what we need in any given day. Moreover, the highly sophisticated aesthetics of Armframe soft spread a sense of beauty that intuitively and with kindness affects the vibration of any kind of houses but also a lounge room of workplaces or  hotels. 

Biblio: reveal yourself

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The design is rigorous and refined. Open and versatile it gives to your relaxing moment the peace and the creativity necessary to re-energize your body after a long work day.

Biblio, the contemporary bathtub of Antonio Lupi, brings elegance and inspiration to the bathroom. The name comes from the shape of the bathtub. Biblio in Italian has a double meaning: bibliografia (bibliography) and biblioteca (library). Inspired by this word the designer created a built-in library where you can put your favorite books and read them while you are immerse in a flow of warm water. 

Made of Corian it can accommodate all kind of style. From modern to rustic, from shabby chic to Art Deco to a more minimal Japanese look and decor.  

Biblio welcomes you as you are. It has an empathic quality that allows you, for few hours of your day, to be free from any kind of role and to reveal yourself in your natural beauty. 


CUT: adaptable soul

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Simple, genuine and versatile. Cut chair, designed by Francesco Rota for Lapalma, is a piece of furniture that can be placed in every room of the house.


It is refined, practical and solid. Aware of the modern needs, the designer created an indoor and an outdoor version of it.


Both the indoor and outdoor collections have an internal, colorful and soft cushion which will easily adapt to all kind of style of furnitures you have in your kitchen, living room,  in your yard, patio or garden.


Of course, the chair doesn’t only fit domestic environments, but also office spaces, bars or lounge area of boutique hotel. 




Flirtstone: let’s play with romance

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They look at each other. They come closer and then they go away in search for the right distance to enjoy the view. They move around easily, they are masters of “hide and seek”, they can be by themselves, but they love to be all together.


Flirtstone, the asymmetrical seating system, designed by Barbara Goltermann for SpHaus, Italian furniture company, brings amusement in the living room. Sofa, armchair and footstools, pieces of the system, are attracted to each other without any particular intention for a serious commitment. Like young couples, they love to play with romance and sensuality just to be at the center of attention.

One day Sofa needs the company of armchair and the day after he likes to show up by himself. Those are the rules of dating: the awareness of having many possibilities. Flirtstone is made of polyurethane foam reinforced by a steel frame. 

Jey: your checkmate

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Francesco Rota is well-known in the design industry for his prolific work that combines a refined aesthetic with a functional structure tailored on contemporary home's solutions and nowadays lifestyle’s needs.


Multi award-winning designer, he won the RED DOT design award 2016 for ADD, modular seating for Lapalma (which also received the special mention of the German Design award in 2016), now he is coming back with a new product. 



Jey is a new collection of black and white coffee tables of different sizes created for Lapalma. Inspired by a chess board, as each piece of the game, Jey includes a number of shapes like circle, rounded-off square, hexagon and rounded-off triangle, available for any kind of purpose.



All the tables are built with a cylindrical base of marble or concrete that bring stability and strength. They can be also accessorized by a handle-shaped bent tubular, facilitating their movement when needed. Jey is a versatile home decor piece for any room of the house and it can perfectly fit public spaces like hotel, offices and bar. 




SAG: sitting in the air

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He is probably one of the most talented International young designer. Oki Sato, chief designer and founder of Nendo, started a new collaboration with MDFITALIA.



His first project is SAG, a minimal, well refined and versatile stool. It can be used as a seating or as a table for indoor and outdoor environment.


Functional and sophisticated it is suspended in the air and melted in three directions into a single shape.


Soft and solid it perfectly embodies the essence of the Japanese aesthetic 

Aiku: essential like a poem

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Delicate, well-defined and sober. It satisfies the view, the touch and the sense of design.


Aiku is the new collection of chairs created by Jean-Marie Massaud for MDFItalia. A combination of solidity and gracefulness, typical of a Japanese poem, that are embodied in this new series of seats.


Inspired by the ancient tradition of Eastern literature, Aiku is a piece of modern elegance that can be placed in any room of the house or in a workplace.   

Saen: an invitation to a special event

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A sophisticated and unusual dining table. Saen, design by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti for Alias, is an elegant piece of modern architecture.


A new interpretation of the classic round table, Saen has a central leg which gives it a sort of innovation without compromising the traditional structure of it.


Fluid, slender and original in its shape it can be placed in the living room or in an office highlighting the sharing experience of having a sophisticated house dinner or a creative work meeting.  

TRES: a tribute to craftsmanship

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tres 1.jpg

In ancient traditions, most for the desert nomad culture, rugs didn’t have just an aesthetic meaning. They used them to protect people from the ground.  This is one of the reason why those people used to cover the floor with many rugs.

Nowadays a rug is most of all a decorative piece of design that can add a sense of warmth, beauty and comfort to any room. Aware of the antique rug rules and the contemporary needs Nanimarquina launched a new collection: Tres.


This new series of rugs combines past values and present needs. It reflects Nanimarquina's passion for craftsmanship and pays a tribute to the ancient craft of weaving.  A perfect traditional Indian flat-weave dhurme rug available in five different colors, for any kind of environment. 

Grand Kobi: generous geometry of proportions

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Gran Kobi. Courtesy of Alias. 

Gran Kobi. Courtesy of Alias. 

The back reminds of the shape of a shell. It wraps completely the body and, at the same time, it gives you the freedom to move with ease and comfort. The Gran Kobi armchair, designed by Patrick Norguet for Alias, is the natural evolution of the Kobi chair. 

Refined and curvy the brand new armchair embodies simple geometry, generously proportioned. The structure consists of vanished aluminum support and legs. 

Minimal, neat, playful and versatile it can be a modern piece of furniture in the living room, in a workplace or in public waiting rooms. 

ELEVEN: do not disturb

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It allows you to read in peace your favorite book, to hide yourself and take a break after a stressful meeting. At the same time it gives you the privacy you need if you have to share something important with your friend or one of your co-workers.

Eleven is the new comprehensive sofa system designed by PearsonLloyd for Alias. Its essential clean cut-lines makes it perfect for a office space or a domestic environment. 

The long and tall panels incorporated in the sofa and covered with fabric provide a sort of intimate land where you can just lay down and forget about the outside world or spend quality time with someone you like.