Armframe soft : surrender to peace

anna volpicelliComment

It is the first thing one should do when he comes back home from a long day at work or from a long night out, or after an intense work meeting. Sit down on her, let her soft and reliable skin hold the heaviness of the body, the thoughts. Surrender to her calmness and rely on her confidence.

This is what happens when one lays down to Armframe soft, the chair from Frame collection designed by Alberto Meda for Alias. Its comfortable cushions assembled straight onto the chair become a sort of secure ground where to land. 

Ten minutes are enough to start feeling a sense of peace running through the legs, the belly, the chest, the arms and the head. One simply has just to close the eyes and let go, leave everything behind. At the end of the day we don’t need much to reconnect to where we belong, to our home. We just need a place that can embrace and reflect who we are and what we need in any given day. Moreover, the highly sophisticated aesthetics of Armframe soft spread a sense of beauty that intuitively and with kindness affects the vibration of any kind of houses but also a lounge room of workplaces or hotels.