Selecta bookcase: express yourself

anna volpicelliComment


It is one of the first product designed by Lema. Selecta bookcase is a refined freestanding and modular system produced and launched in 1978.  For almost thirty years, since its debut on the market, Officinadesign Lema has been working to improve it adding new elements that could fit any kind of space people have been living in. 

The library is a complete customizable system that can be placed in a studio or in a three bedroom apartment or more. It is very accommodating and easy to expand with an infinite number of units. It could cover a whole wall or it could be used as an addition to the wardrobe, a media section or any furniture elements. 


With Selecta you can create a whole piece of art using different components, different colors and sizes. It has so many finishes that it opens up unlimited possibilities to design your unique and very personal piece of furniture. Selecta is a system that says "yes" to everything.