TRES: a tribute to craftsmanship

anna volpicelliComment
tres 1.jpg

In ancient traditions, most for the desert nomad culture, rugs didn’t have just an aesthetic meaning. They used them to protect people from the ground.  This is one of the reason why those people used to cover the floor with many rugs.

Nowadays a rug is most of all a decorative piece of design that can add a sense of warmth, beauty and comfort to any room. Aware of the antique rug rules and the contemporary needs Nanimarquina launched a new collection: Tres.


This new series of rugs combines past values and present needs. It reflects Nanimarquina's passion for craftsmanship and pays a tribute to the ancient craft of weaving.  A perfect traditional Indian flat-weave dhurme rug available in five different colors, for any kind of environment.