Jey: your checkmate

anna volpicelliComment


Francesco Rota is well-known in the design industry for his prolific work that combines a refined aesthetic with a functional structure tailored on contemporary home's solutions and nowadays lifestyle’s needs.


Multi award-winning designer, he won the RED DOT design award 2016 for ADD, modular seating for Lapalma (which also received the special mention of the German Design award in 2016), now he is coming back with a new product. 



Jey is a new collection of black and white coffee tables of different sizes created for Lapalma. Inspired by a chess board, as each piece of the game, Jey includes a number of shapes like circle, rounded-off square, hexagon and rounded-off triangle, available for any kind of purpose.



All the tables are built with a cylindrical base of marble or concrete that bring stability and strength. They can be also accessorized by a handle-shaped bent tubular, facilitating their movement when needed. Jey is a versatile home decor piece for any room of the house and it can perfectly fit public spaces like hotel, offices and bar.