Biblio: reveal yourself

anna volpicelliComment

The design is rigorous and refined. Open and versatile it gives to your relaxing moment the peace and the creativity necessary to re-energize your body after a long work day.

Biblio, the contemporary bathtub of Antonio Lupi, brings elegance and inspiration to the bathroom. The name comes from the shape of the bathtub. Biblio in Italian has a double meaning: bibliografia (bibliography) and biblioteca (library). Inspired by this word the designer created a built-in library where you can put your favorite books and read them while you are immerse in a flow of warm water. 

Made of Corian it can accommodate all kind of style. From modern to rustic, from shabby chic to Art Deco to a more minimal Japanese look and decor.  

Biblio welcomes you as you are. It has an empathic quality that allows you, for few hours of your day, to be free from any kind of role and to reveal yourself in your natural beauty.