Flirtstone: let’s play with romance

anna volpicelliComment


They look at each other. They come closer and then they go away in search for the right distance to enjoy the view. They move around easily, they are masters of “hide and seek”, they can be by themselves, but they love to be all together.


Flirtstone, the asymmetrical seating system, designed by Barbara Goltermann for SpHaus, Italian furniture company, brings a playful vibe in the living room. Sofa, armchair and footstools, pieces of the system, can be combined in different ways. Like young couples, they love to play with romance and sensuality just to be at the center of attention.

One day Sofa needs the company of armchair and the day after he likes to show up by himself. Those are the rules of dating: the awareness of having many possibilities. Flirtstone is made of polyurethane foam reinforced by a steel frame.