Plain: build your bookcase

anna volpicelliComment

In 2016 Francesco Rota, interior and product designer based in Milan, received some of the most prestigious prizes in the design industry. Kanji table and ADD seating system, for instance, were awarded with The Red Dot Design 2016, and ADD earned also the special mention to the German Design award. Elle Decor Italia included Arco table, ADD T chair and Eydo chaise lounge in Best of Design competition 2016. 

Since 1998, when Rota opened his studio in the design capital of Italy, he has been working with many renowned companies like Versus, John Richmond, Mercedez Benz, L’Oreal Paris, Oluce, Lapalma (where he is also the Art Director) offering his creativity, skills and knowledge in a wide range of projects related to architecture, product design, branding, event and residential interiors to name a few. Well-known for his linear and rigorous design style, he enjoys to build modular systems that can be customized and adapt to any particular space, any particular need. Plain bookcase is a great example of this kind of flexibility.

The frame of the library is minimal and neat and it provides a number of possibilities to create a variety of compositions. Plain includes removable shelves of different sizes, lengths, thickness and finishes that come in a series of colors.  Formal black to grey to green, yellow and red, with this color palette available anyone can design a personal outlook just playing with the structure and the components of this refined and yet adjustable bookcase.