Eero: play with it

anna volpicelliComment

Young and playful. Eero is a rocking egg-shaped seat designed by Filippo Dell'Orto, Italian interior and product designer. Multifaceted and fanciful, it can be envisioned in any kind of space from a lobby of a boutique hotel to a living room of a private house, to a dining area of a restaurant. 

Eero's design is so fresh, comfortable and refined that it also embodies the well-established workplace decor philosophy and intention to embellish the office with furniture that can inspire creativity and ease. You can see it, for instance, inside of the lounge area of companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter or Airbnb, just to name a few. The chair perfectly reflects the current need of the industry to design more products that can be functional, communicative, easygoing, attractive and flexible at the same time.

A technical note: It is made of polyurethane foam reinforced by a steel frame. Upholstered with fabric or leather, top. Stitching available upon request. Fabric upholstery cannot be removed.