Bucket: the shape of freedom and stability

anna volpicelliComment

Inspired by classic European sports car seats; American product designer Cory Grosser designed the Bucket armchair. Emphasizing strength and endurance, Grosser translates his passion for antique cars and their refined details into his design concept for the armchair.

Shaped as a cylindrical open shell, the armchair wraps completely around the body providing both a sense of stability and freedom at the same time. The Bucket armchair is highly versatile. It is the perfect seat for a cozy domestic reading corner, home office or living room, or for commercial spaces such as a hotel lounge, waiting room, or in a leisure-oriented space that is commonly seen in the interiors of Tech companies. 

The Bucket is made of polyurethane foam with a steel frame and upholstery available in a variety of colorful fabrics or leather. Thanks to its adaptable character, the Bucket can easily dress up any space.