Milled: a fine art sculpture piece for the interior

anna volpicelliComment

Milled occasional tables designed by David Whippen, San Francisco-based designer, embody both an industrial and sleek aesthetic. This could be attributed to their geometrical and linear shapes, as well as the aluminum and brass material they are constructed of.

The Milled tables are exclusive pieces that are part of the dselex collection. They were inspired by artistic mosaic tiles and are reinterpreted into a more minimal modern design. This becomes evident in the tile pattern that is milled into the metal. The tile pattern is only partially displayed on the top and on one side of the piece.


The remaining structure is smooth to provide contrast and interest to the design. Milled tables can be considered artistic sculptural pieces for interior spaces and are available in different sizes and metal materials.


Foxhole: inspired by everyday life

anna volpicelliComment

Singaporean designer Nathan Yong is hailed as one of the most influential designers of his time. Twice a Red Dot Award winner, Yong has gained a solid reputation in the industry for his ability to create products that are an expression of effortless sensuality through the use of rigorous engineering research and development processes.


His furniture is developed using a “silent engineering” technique which allows the form to express itself based on technical consideration and graphic scheme. You can experience this precise and thoughtful process in each piece, from the Break chair, to the Flak tables, to the Vader lounge chair and the Foxhole armchair. 

Designed for outdoor as well as indoor environments, Foxhole is based on a geometrical powder-coated steel rod foundation that provides the armchair stability and strength. Its minimal and precise structure perfectly marries the grace and the softness of the shape. Foxhole reflects the desire and the intention of Nathan Yong to create furniture that is inspired by people’s behavior. His pieces are influenced by the way in which people interact with the place they live, work and socialize in. His work emanates from an understanding of how people and design work together in everyday situations.