Easy Wave: design your wall decor

anna volpicelliComment

Since launching Fattorini +Rizzin + Partner design studio, today known as Metrica, Bruno Fattorini and Roberto Rizzin, Milan-based and Internationally renowned talents, have been producing a series of furniture like tables, sofa, systems for an array of companies such as Fendi, Poliform, Zanotta and MDF Italia to name few. The concept and the effort behind any product has always been the ability to blend creativity and technology innovation. As a result this successful and thoughtful philosophy brought to the market pieces that express beauty, lightness and functionality at the same time. 

Easy Wave shelves, named after the Wave wall system, is an expression of this practical sexiness and freedom. The research on the finishes, the surface treatments and the deep study on the anatomy and the structure of them, make it easy to anyone to adapt the product to a variety of environment. 

From the left: Roberto Rizzin, Bruno Fattorini. 

From the left: Roberto Rizzin, Bruno Fattorini. 

The shelves come in different sizes with variable depth.  You can purchase just one unit or more.  You can play with them creating an infinite number of compositions where you can display books, vintage accessories, family portrays, candle or anything else you want. Easy Wave can be a decor centerpiece of your living room or your bedroom. This furniture is so flexible and versatile that empowers you to design your personal wall decor.