Meet designer: Tabuchi Tomoya

Tabuchi Tomoya holding Onda's prototype

Tabuchi Tomoya holding Onda's prototype

Minimal, sober and pure. These are some qualities that define Tabuchi Tomoya’s style. The well-respected Japanese designer, after working for several firms in 2010 Tabuchi founded Office for Creation (officeforcreation.jp) a multidisciplinary design lab based in Tokyo. We had the pleasure to talk to him about his philosophy of design and about Onda, a chair he designed available at DSEGNARE. 

D: Can you explain to us how you came up with the idea of the Onda?
T: My intention was to adapt the chair to the modern lifestyle, keeping the structure of traditional Windsor style. I came up with the idea of the bent wood because it wraps and supports the body completely. 

D: What materials did you use to design the chair?
T: I used ash wood. I studied all the proportions by making a small scale model first and then a full scale model using foam polystyrene. 

First Onda's prototypes

First Onda's prototypes


D: What made you decide to choose an Italian name for the project? 
T: ONDA means “ wave “ and it reflects the particular shape of the chair.

D: What is design for you?
T: It is the joy of embodying my idea into reality. It is the pleasure of working with people and communicating with them. 

D: What is in your opinion the new frontier for design? 
T: The new frontier for design for me is to create new values and be engaged with society on a deeper level.

Onda'small scale model

Onda'small scale model