Meet designer: Gordon Guillaumier.

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Gordon Guillaumier is an International designer based in Milano, Italy, where he has established his design studio. He was born in Malta, and he had the fortune to be able to study all around Europe, from Switzerland to England and then to Italy, where he received a Master's degree in Industrial Design after attending the Domus Academy in Milano. He has worked for several International design companies, such as Minotti, Bosa, Paola C, De Vecchi, Frag, TobeUs, Roda and Lema. For Lema he designed Mustique sofa (available at DSEGNARE) which is named after an island of the Grenadines.

We asked him a few questions about this project.

D: How did you come up with the idea of the Mustique sofa?
G: The idea of the Mustique came out of my mind and my pen! When I was talking to Lema about the project, I was reading one of my favorite books “Lezioni Americane” (American Lectures) written by Italo Calvino.

D: Can you explain to us the choice for the name of the sofa?
G: When I started to work on the project, Lema asked me to think about a name and at that time I was planning to go on vacation and I was looking for a nice place to spend my holidays. One day, I heard someone talking about Mustique, a private island which is part of the Grenadines. Although I never been there, I loved the sound of the name and I thought it was perfect for the project I was working on.

D: What is design for you?
G: Design is to try to enchant people with products I design and dream about.

Gordon Guillaumier. 

Gordon Guillaumier.