Meet designer: Christophe Pillet

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There is always an intimate relationship between a designer and his object, as for a painter and his painting. This relationship goes beyond love, possession and business. It is based on the freedom of just being in the same room, very close, looking into each other so deeply and carefully, merging one into another and yet being two separate entities. This is the sensuality of a profound connection that Christophe Pillet, french designer, establishes each time with his pieces. During his long career he was able to work for and with furniture, fashion and beauty companies like Lema, Trussardi, JD Cecaux, L'Oreal, Shiseido to name a few.

For Lema he designed many pieces including Novelist and Novel desk. Novel is available at DSEGNARE.

We talked to him about his works, his relationship with design and future projects. 

D: How did you come up with the idea of Novel?

CP: The idea behind Novel, Novelist and for most of the Lema pieces is to create, in a contemporary language, the timeless feeling of a very individual, very personal affective relationship between a piece of furniture and oneself. A very warm relationship with an explicit reference to classic and exclusive pieces of furniture which are reinterpreted in a very simple and functional way that give them a sort of modern charm.

D: Who were or still are your role models? Those who have been crucial in your training?

CP: There are many people who have been inspiring in my training. The list would be very long. However those who have been very important are Andrea Branzi, Italian architect and designer, John Lautner, American architect and Shiro Kuramata, Japanese designer.



D: When you have to start a project, what do you do?

CP: A good project always starts from scratch. I try to approach it with an empty mind, asking to myself a simple question: how this should help me to live a better life?

D: Are you working on a new project for Lema right now?

CP: We  started our collaboration in the 90s. Few years ago we met again and we expressed the desire to establish a long term collaboration.

D: What's design for you?

CP: Design for me means illustrating, giving birth to an object that can fit our environment and satisfy our expectation to live a better life


Christophe Pillet. Photo credit Romain Cabon. 

Christophe Pillet. Photo credit Romain Cabon.