SF Design Week: Happenings.

anna volpicelliComment

Starting from June 2nd for seven days San Francisco will become a design hub. This year SF Design week will be full of events, workshops, panels and conferences to highlights how the industry is evolving and is impacting the city. On June 3rd LOCZIdesign studios, interior design firm, studio collective and art gallery will host the special event “Living (in) color: within boundaries of space”.  An interactive exhibition that showcases the art works of artists like Gabriel Dunne, Phil Reyneri, Charles Aweida, Ryan Stubbs, The Frank Brothers and Leslie Benson.

We met Paige Loczi, founder of the firm, to know more about the event. 

D: Could you tell me a little bit more about the event? What should we expect?

PL: LOCZIdesign studios and the designedCOLLECTIVE hold quarterly design events through the studio. Sometimes it’s an art gallery opening, other times it’s a panel discussion. We try to mix things up, contributing in different ways to our design community.  This event will have a mix of great art, great people, surprise guests and three amazing DJ’s.  We’ll be unveiling new technologies which should have a large impact on those artists working in new media. That’s exciting for us and we’re honored to showcase such talented and diverse artists. My brother, Zach Loczi is a well-known DJ in Vegas. He’s coming out to play along with Ryan Stubbs aka Duser, voted one of San Francisco’s best DJ’s. It promises to be a great event!


D: Why did you select those artists? Is there any connection with your design firm?

PL: Each show we throw is unique and focuses on different themes and artists. This show explores how others perceive spirit and space. LOCZIdesign are purveyors of space, that includes cultivating these community experiences where we come together, connect and rejoice.  We always try to do things we haven’t done. We also showcase the work and contribution of others in our community making a difference.  Laura Guido-Clark has been an Industry master and her non-profit Project Color Corp is a model for design in action!  You can see her in speaking at an event we threw a few years back. https://vimeo.com/53409700.

D: Few artists are using technology to create their pieces, as we live in San Francisco and technology is a big part of the economic and financial growth of the city, in your opinion how has the use of Technology changed the way in which people make art and design product?

PL: Three of the pieces and artists collaborating in this show are using technology to create their art. One award-winning artist, Phil Reyneri, will be unveiling a new way of projecting images and light through a single device, one that he’s developing through his residency with IDEO.  Another artist, Gabriel Dunne recently exhibited at the Jewish Contemporary Museum’s “New Experiments in Art and Technology”. Charles Karim Aweida is a new media artist exploring the intersection of science and art. His work is focused in manipulating the physical through robotics and custom actuated machines driven by digital representations inspired by natural world. These artists are redefining what art is.  I think that mastery over form and material is essential but with today’s technology what that material is changing. Art has always been a reflection of or response to society or our inner-worlds. This show explores those different views of society, technology and where spirit dwells, if at all, within those realms. 

D: Are you going to have other events like this one in the future? 

PL: Yes. The designedCOLLECTIVE is an ever-changing, ever-expanding group of artists and doers. We always throw at least one big party a year and a holiday bazaar in December to invite all our maker friends to share their wares. We hope to hold a panel discussion in September, taking on the themes of technology, art and meditation. We try to keep it interesting and surround ourselves with talented people doing good work, designing a better world.