The artist behind the window

anna volpicelliComment
courtesy of Carrie Daway

courtesy of Carrie Daway

Stop by DSEGNARE and admire the new and colorful window installation: an oak cabinet by Bulthaup full of Humboldt butter boxes. Created by the team at Gary Hutton Design, the new project displays and shows how an ordinary object can become a piece of art. 

We met Gary Hutton, renowned designer and founder of the studio, to talk about this project. 

D: How did you come up with the idea of the window?

GH: The brief received by Cardenio Petrucci was to create a window using the cabinet. We didn't have any additional information, he gave us the freedom to play around, underling that he didn’t want anything related to pots and pans. We had meetings in the office, as usual, and we came up with the idea of the butter's boxes. We pursued a couple of different creameries and Humboldt was kind enough to accept our project. The company sent us the boxes and we decided to place them into the cabinet like a roman mosaic. We developed the patterns to see how it could fit into the space, which was given, and we tried different options. The one we liked the most was the red and blue motif, it was perfect. Then it was just a matter of assembling the boxes and put them into the cabinet.

D: Is this usually your creative process?

GH: I have a fascination with using really ordinary material in an odd way. We used toilet paper for an installation we did long time ago for a house and for another project we covered an entire wall with brushes. For the window it was the same process. We had this idea with the butter and we started form there.