"Simplicity is the most complicated thing in the world"  

- Vico Magistretti


We always talk about design, trying to define it. We investigate the term and the industry attempting to label them. We spend time asking designers and experts to share their thoughts about this complex and yet simple subject. In reality no one knows. Design is a personal matter.  As life, it grows and develops by experience, by a deep understanding of what is around and inside us. A space, a fabric, a shape, a simple line or a person can transform completely and expand our point of view, our mindset, our approach to a project. Design cannot be defined because it is a process, a versatile attitude, a chaotic methodology, with a precise and yet refined result. It touches our imagination, it teases our intuition pushing our boundaries to help us to express and unfold our inner nature, our fierce human potential with integrity.

With this wandering mind Cardenio Petrucci founded DSEGNARE, a San Francisco - based design showroom created to inspire people but also to give them the opportunity to customize the space where they live, work and socialize. At DSEGNARE we pay attention to our clients’ lifestyle. We are truly committed in understanding what their stories are, their daily routines, their dreams and what they want to accomplish, because we strongly believe that we are all interconnected and co-dependent. Communication is important to us and we have the experience to know that to build and model a space, listening and being present with our customers are essential and meaningful values. We pursue those attitudes as virtues. We like to think about ourselves as a craftsman who uses his hands to make a product that combines beauty, quality, creative thinking, simplicity, dressed with sincere passion. Our intention and mission is to provide "timeless design" to all.