Cardenio Petrucci brings to life a distinct vision with “ltd”, a new innovative series of limited edition furniture collections. Each collection features a sequence of pieces constructed with rare materials paired with bold design elements. Created in collaboration with renowned international designers, ltd is highly discerning and emanates a willingness to push the limits of design.

A curated compilation of revitalized accent furniture pieces. Each one of a kind “retaliation" piece has been hand selected with careful consideration for the integrity of the original design. A few of the choice historical design pieces include a chair by Joe Colombo and a magazine rack designed by Carl Aubock. Revered for their unique character and perfectly restored with a new perspective, these historical and vintage design selections have been reinterpreted as a homage to the legacy of furniture design.

This exclusive collection steps outside the conventional lines of design, exhibiting choice pieces from international manufacturers, all hand-selected by us. Dselex is an expression of distinctive character, offering transformative and creative design solutions.

Formed in creative partnership between Italian born Cardenio Petrucci and American designer Erich Mele, this compelling collection offers the best of both worlds. MP blends refined European sensibility with an unconventional American perspective on material selections, resulting in a leading-edge take on timeless minimalism.